Geoff Whaling – Geoff is the President and CEO of AgricNext and CEO of GWW LLC. He is also the Chairman of the National Hemp Association, President of the Pennsylvania Hemp Industry Council and Founding Board Member of the Coalition for Access Now and Athletes 4 Care. Born in Canada Geoff is the retired Founder, Chief Coordinator and CEO of Current Events, Corporate Planners International, North American Motorsport Events (NAME), Inc. and the GoodSport Management Group of Companies.

Whaling’s areas of expertise are wide ranging given the complexity and diversity of his government, business, entrepreneurial and philanthropic work. His strengths include strategic communications, government and public affairs/relations, business-to-business marketing and partnerships, sponsorship sales, large-scale multi-element blockbuster event production, logistical coordination, destination management, protocol, security and hospitality programming, merchandising, fundraising and promotions. A profound sense of “wanting to serve” remains an integral part in his life.

Riley Cote – Riley Cote is a former NHL hockey player who spent 4 seasons with the Philadelphia Flyers. Battling his way up the pro ranks, Riley identified his physical presence as his ticket to living his childhood dream. His rugged play soon established himself as one of the leagues’ most willing combatants. The wear and tear soon took its toll on his physical body and he retired in 2010 and began his coaching career.

Since retiring in 2010 Riley has completely changed his way of life and has since embraced the natural process of healing, optimum nutrition and a holistic lifestyle. He created a 5013c non-profit organization called the Hemp Heals Foundation dedicated to help all people reconnect to the natural world. Focusing on clean agricultural practices and promoting the industrial hemp plant as a viable, renewable and an extremely useful resource. Without a doubt hemp is the cornerstone to a healthier and sustainable future.

Erica McBride – Erica is the Executive Director of the National Hemp Association and the Pennsylvania Industry Council. She brings years of experience in legislative advocacy, industrial hemp education, and non-profit administration. Erica was instrumental in enacting legislation in Pennsylvania which provided farmers and hemp advocates the opportunity to grow hemp for the first time in 80 years.